The International Communities of Luxembourg, or IntComLux, is an association created to support the integration of expatriates in Luxembourg, particularly those with English as a first or second language. Many foreigners that come to live and work in Luxembourg do not speak French, German, or Luxembourgish, at least not initially, and therefore find it difficult to get a quick grasp of the "Luxembourgish ways" when settling in. One of the natural reactions is to join a "comfort zone" group or support community where they feel at ease communicating with people with the same cultural and linguistic background.

The dedicated team at IntComLux is undertaking to break through barriers and build bridges between these communities and the local population. We have the full support of the Ministry for Family and Integration/OLAI (L'Office Luxembourgeois de l'Accueil et de l'Integration) under whose wing we will develop our integration programs.

We believe one way members of international communities can better integrate in the country that welcomes them is by getting involved on a social level, and more explicitly by taking actions that answer certain local needs. Volunteering is a great way of stepping out of the comfort zone in order to meet people who have the same desire of giving back to society. When people meet in support of a common cause there is an underlining desire of doing good, which surpasses barriers related to language or cultural background.

We are pleased to partner with the Agence du Bénévolat to raise awareness for the English speaking expatriate community on volunteer opportunities for companies and individuals to become involved in volunteer activities with the objectives of doing good deeds while at the same time promoting integration and building bridges between cultural and linguistic communities here in Luxembourg. Join us and become an active contributor to the success of our project.


Should you decide to get involved and support one or more organizations, please complete the form that follows and email it to info@intcomlux.eu. We will do our best to match up your availability and preferences with needs of organizations.

You can also click on the following link to browse the organizations that have signed up with ICL and that need volunteers:

      Organizations needing volunteers


Should you represent an organization that needs volunteers, please complete the form that follows and email it to info@intcomlux.eu. We will do our best to match up your needs with volunteers.