The government and citizens of Luxembourg have given us, the international inhabitants of Luxembourg, very warm welcome and hospitality. We are privileged to be able to live, work and raise our families in this beautiful and hospitable country. We appreciate and thank the government and citizens of Luxembourg for all their kindness and hospitality.

In return, the international community adds great value to Luxembourg. We make a big contribution to the economic well being and prosperity of Luxembourg by doing the full range of jobs, most especially those which insufficient numbers of local persons are appropriately qualified or interested to do; we create and run companies that pay good taxes and provide good employment for all of the inhabitants of Luxembourg. And through our music, food, culture and language, we add richness for all Luxembourg inhabitants to enjoy. We are important to Luxembourg as Luxembourg is important to us.

We work very hard and ask for very little. We want exactly the same things as the local population: opportunity to work hard and be successful; equal and fair access to employment, housing, schools and medical care; the possibility to live our lives peacefully and well with family, friends and good neighbors of all cultures and nationalities.

That said, we acknowledge there are challenges and we all, citizens and non-citizens alike, have not done enough to achieve an appropriate degree of integration. While multilingualism and multiculturalism are tremendous assets for Luxembourg, they make integration a complex challenge: Both with regards to the education of our young; and with regards to the integration of the many and diverse foreign communities with each other and with the local population.

In fact, rather than integrate directly, there is a very strong tendency for all of our communities to stove-pipe within themselves and to create parallel structures bound by culture and language, rather than participate and embrace integrated structures. We, and the citizens of Luxembourg, tend to stay within our individual cultural-linguistic comfort zones. We live parallel lives. This, while understandable, is not fully desirable... and harmful to the long terms objectives of integration.

We, the international inhabitants of Luxembourg, undertake to better/ more fully integrate and join in solidarity with the citizens of Luxembourg. We commit to better communication and more involvement together, making greater efforts to learn Luxembourgish and the four other principle languages of Luxembourg: English, French, German and Portuguese. We fully commit to the concept of a melting pot wherein the contributions of all and the richness of each ensures greatest benefits for each and all.

We ask the citizens of Luxembourg to continue in partnership with us on this journey. Confronting the challenges and carrying the burdens together, we will make a better future for all of us and for the generations to come.