• Luxembourg's red, white, and blue flag

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    Gëlle Fra - The Golden Lady

  • Sunrise in Bigonville

  • Sure Lake

  • Exit stairs at the Casemates

Photos courtesy of Claude Hubert. © All rights reserved.

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Who are we? What is this site all about? What can this site do for you? Why should you be interested?

Good questions! Here goes with some answers...

Luxembourg is a great place for foreigners to live, work and raise families! The best testament to this is the fact that over half of the residents of Luxembourg City, the capital, and an even higher number of the working population are foreigners. Yet, walk the streets and you will see no racial epithets or anti foreigner remarks painted on walls, no comments against foreigners in the local press or newsmagazines. The contributions of the foreigners as workers, managers, investors and entrepreneurs are appreciated and relations between the disparate international communities and the local population are very good.

But that does not mean that the expat life in Luxembourg is perfect! Actually, it is sometimes difficult to find out what is going on, and what you have to do to get certain things done. While Luxembourg is tri lingual (French, German and Luxembourgish), information in English can sometimes be a bit scant... and it is a common joke that sometimes expats find out about really interesting things to do...three days after the events are over!

This difficulty finding things out is not caused by Luxembourgers trying to keep secrets. It is simply because, as in any small place, all the local people know who to see about what and what is going on and, since they have all the information they need to have, they forget sometimes that the foreigners do not. Small town syndrome!

This website exists to help solve these problems of access and information! We will try our best to help you to be connected with what you need to know... legal information on how things work, who to see for what and what to bring when you go to see someone about something.

This site is also about expats talking and sharing with other expats. We plan to help build bridges between the various expat communities and their institutions and the local Luxembourg populations, to help connect people, ideas... to share emotions and ideas...to share culture.

Use us! Join us! Contribute and support! Become a member!